John Roach is a California born, Brooklyn based artist. While he lives and works in the urban context of New York City, his practice as an artist and educator explores sound in its broadest context, from the complexity of the city to the subtlety of nature, from noise to silence, from sound as matter to sound as metaphor.

His most recent work extends his longstanding interest in the relationship between material and sound. Shrink Trap (2014) for example, delves into the sonic life of matter through experiments that make processes related to various surfaces and substances visible and audible. Thermoplastic coated with gold foil deforms under heat and rustles like a rainstorm; alginate drying over time, warps and triggers sounds; electrical current excites a strand of nitinol wire causing it to twist it through a bed of dry leaves.

This collaboration will extend this inquiry within context of  the island of Kefalonia and in conversation with the methods of Craig Dongoski.